LoL Inven article translation (1) : Imp’s interview

Hi there,

Here is my first translation to French from an inven article.

Photo copyright to Inven.

[롤드컵] 해방된 ‘임프’ 구승빈, “우지가 던질 것 같다”
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Hi there it’s been a while!

Hey everyone!

I have been super duper busy this school year so I am sorry for not updating anything anymore… However, I didn’t expect this but I am now in Korea!!!! So I plan to post more useful information about the university where I’ve been to – even though I’m not there anymore since I simply came to travel and do some volunteering ^^ – and more information about Seoul in general! I hope that you guys will follow me and do not hesitate to ask me questions if needed.

See you guys soon!!!!


F* yeah I’m in Korea!!! (crying of happiness xD)

News ! Korean study on hiatus…. not anymore!

Hi gals and guys!

I’ve been off my blog for quite some time and I’m sorry… I had a huge Korean break this summer and I’m starting only now to get back on the rails, one month before school starts again… So this summer I wasn’t totally disconnected from Korean (I can’t really): I gave Korean class to a young girl! I’m happy to see that young people make a lot of effort to live their passion 🙂 Also, I was happy to share mine with her! Hopefully I’ll be continuing giving her class during school year too… Continue reading