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A bit of news / TOPIK results !

Hi everyone~!

For all those who have been wondering why I didn’t update my blog recently, I’m writing my Master’s thesis so I don’t really have a lot of time…. But I quickly wanted to share with you some cool stuff I found out and my TOPIK results !

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Awesome TOPIK explanation videos !

Hi everyone!

Today I’ve found some awesome videos on youtube that explain everything about TOPIK (grammar, vocabulary, reading…) and everything is in Korean which I find really awesome!!! Here is the video that I’m actually watching (I found it so awesome that I had to pause it and come to share it with you xD) (Pour les Frenchies c’est en bas :D) Continue reading

Studying for the TOPIK !

안녕 !!

I know I’ve recently posted a new article but I’ve got more stuff to tell 😀 !

I have received my notification to attend the TOPIK yesterday and I’m stressing out. As you may not know, saturday is my TOPIK study day, so I’ve decided to go through all vocabulary and grammar points of the  27th test (I have already tried to actually do it but it was way too hard 😦 ) and gosh there was sooo many thing I didn’t know !! It really drove me crazy and at some point I wondered if I could really do it.. But of course, I will be able to do it ! I need to continue my daily K-study and everything will turn out fine ! I’m pretty sure about it 🙂
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A bit of news ! Des nouvelles !

Hi everyone !

I’m so sorry I’ve been away for so long but since I’ve had loads of stuff to do IRL, I couldn’t find any time nor motivation to blog a bit.

I have great news !!! I’ve passed my first semester for my Master degree in English and for my degree in Korean ! I’ve finished Korean class with more than 18/20 (A) :D! I am so happy and this motivates me to study Korean even more efficiently. So I’ve decided to make myself a new personnal Korean learning schedule 🙂 ! This schedule will include : homework, next lesson’s preparation, hanja learning, writting, reading and listening practice and TOPIK practice ! (I also have a thesis to write for my Masters so I’ll be quite busy i think ^^).
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