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2016, here I come!

Last 2 school years were really BAD for the Korean language and me… I feel like I’ve been stuck on the same book for years (and that’s actually the case… makes me feel terrible while I made so much progress in 2012/2013 :/.

So now that I’m done with school and that I have started to work, I take this as a fresh new start to arrange the best study schedule possible. I have updated my study planning under the matching section of my blog. I hope to find balance between work, sports, Korean, gaming and social life (and also blogging). It seems to be kind of hard to achieve right?

I will try to blog more about my Korean journey in order to motivate myself. I mean, I really love Korean and am already motivated, but I get overwhelmed and easily tired by what I do during the day… So I need to consecrate at least an hour to Korean per day… this might seem a little for something that I love doing but I thing that when I have so much things to do throughout the day, I need to organize myself a little bit more. And afterall, everyone has their own way of studying xD.

I plan to order a lot of books from two chois and I have subscribed to a French/Korean business magazine to learn a lot more about Korea and the Korean society and business.

I also plan to refocus this blog on Korean learning and travelling in Korea, and stop posting translations about e-sports and stuff.

I wish you all a happy new year and may the Korean force be with us!!!

PS: Here’s the list of what I plan to order on twoChois as always 🙂


Hi there it’s been a while!

Hey everyone!

I have been super duper busy this school year so I am sorry for not updating anything anymore… However, I didn’t expect this but I am now in Korea!!!! So I plan to post more useful information about the university where I’ve been to – even though I’m not there anymore since I simply came to travel and do some volunteering ^^ – and more information about Seoul in general! I hope that you guys will follow me and do not hesitate to ask me questions if needed.

See you guys soon!!!!


F* yeah I’m in Korea!!! (crying of happiness xD)

News ! Korean study on hiatus…. not anymore!

Hi gals and guys!

I’ve been off my blog for quite some time and I’m sorry… I had a huge Korean break this summer and I’m starting only now to get back on the rails, one month before school starts again… So this summer I wasn’t totally disconnected from Korean (I can’t really): I gave Korean class to a young girl! I’m happy to see that young people make a lot of effort to live their passion 🙂 Also, I was happy to share mine with her! Hopefully I’ll be continuing giving her class during school year too… Continue reading

Welcome~ Bienvenue~ 어서 오세요~

Hi everyone and welcome to my Korean semi self-learner blog!

As you may have guessed already, I’m going to talk about my experience in learning Korean here.
First of all I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Ren, I’m a French student majoring English and I’ve been studying Korean as a minor since October 2011 – I apologize already for future English mistakes ;A; – Continue reading