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2016, here I come!

Last 2 school years were really BAD for the Korean language and me… I feel like I’ve been stuck on the same book for years (and that’s actually the case… makes me feel terrible while I made so much progress in 2012/2013 :/.

So now that I’m done with school and that I have started to work, I take this as a fresh new start to arrange the best study schedule possible. I have updated my study planning under the matching section of my blog. I hope to find balance between work, sports, Korean, gaming and social life (and also blogging). It seems to be kind of hard to achieve right?

I will try to blog more about my Korean journey in order to motivate myself. I mean, I really love Korean and am already motivated, but I get overwhelmed and easily tired by what I do during the day… So I need to consecrate at least an hour to Korean per day… this might seem a little for something that I love doing but I thing that when I have so much things to do throughout the day, I need to organize myself a little bit more. And afterall, everyone has their own way of studying xD.

I plan to order a lot of books from two chois and I have subscribed to a French/Korean business magazine to learn a lot more about Korea and the Korean society and business.

I also plan to refocus this blog on Korean learning and travelling in Korea, and stop posting translations about e-sports and stuff.

I wish you all a happy new year and may the Korean force be with us!!!

PS: Here’s the list of what I plan to order on twoChois as always 🙂


2 weeks planning 12/09-22/09

Hi everybody,

So I’ve decided to finally do my short term study planning covering two weeks in order to have fixed objectives. That motivates me even more :). This 2 weeks planning is a bit shorter because I’m starting from now on and I’ve to finish before the 23… Continue reading

Going back to serious studying! De retour au boulot !

Hi everyone!

So yeah christmas break is over and I am now starting to study hard again ^^. I plan to take the 30th test of TOPIK level 3 (중급) and it will be hard after only 6 months of serious studying…

So my plan for these days is to prepare lessons we will study and train on old TOPIK test subjects until classes start again. When I prepare a lesson I copy it and translate it entirely, I’ve been doing this since the 1st lesson (we’re now at lesson 10 of SNU lvl 3 book – Seoul National University) and I hope it will bear fruits ^.^.
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