When work takes over your life

Sometimes I wish I would have to use Korean at work. Unfortunately I only get to use my mothertongue (which is French)…

I’m saying this because I’ve been overwhelmed by work for these past 4 months… Time has passed ridiculously fast… It’s kind of scary and I haven’t had the time to practice any Korean… my level has been stagnating for years now! I don’t know if any of you has ever gone through such as hard period while learning a foreign language… Sometimes I’m really motivated but the hour after everything is gone.

I have to admit that a lot has happened in my personal life so I couldn’t really focus on anything for almost a year now, and work allows me to forget everything… I get tired of things pretty fast, and although language learning is never ending and has always something new, I can’t seem to get back into it. But it hasn’t happened for Korean learning only, this affected a lot of other hobbies/activities I had…

So I have decided to get back on track, I ordered the books I wanted from TwoChois (which has always such a perfect customer service!) and decided that I will go back to Korean learning with 서울대 한국어 4!

Something impressive though, is that I didn’t seem to have lost so much of what I have learned! So the sooner I go back to study, the better!

For some reason, this blog always motivates me to study Korean, so I should definitely keep writing here and do what I say 😛

Here are the beautiful books that I’ve ordered to motivate me reaching lvl 5! ❤ I will finally get into advanced Korean learning! Things are getting more and more interesting! (Haha yes, I also decided to start learning Japanese with a Korean book! I know… this is pretty ambitious xD BUT I understand everything so far!)20160417_123807

Thanks for reading and good luck to all of you who are going through Korean learning hardships xD!


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