My preparation for Riot application

Hi everyone,

So about a month ago, I decided to finally apply to a position at Riot (Esports player relations coordinator).

♥ Background ♥
→ I started learning Korean in 2011 to be able to work in the Esports area and dedicated two years to self-studying the language (while pursuing my masters degree).
→ Have one Master’s degree in English and a degree+certification in Korean. Currently doing a second Master’s degree in International Management and preparing for TOEIC.
→ Have a part time job as a foreign student assistant and Korean teacher.
→ Started playing DotA in 2008 and participated in a lot of local competitions, so I have a lot of experience about MOBAs and tournaments
→ Started playing LoL back in 2011 but had to stop because of my study (I was doing 3 diplomas at the same time) and of my part time job.
→  I moved from Tahiti to Europe in order to continue my studies and have an opportunity to work in the eSports area, so getting a job right after getting my diploma is really stressful because I have nowhere to stay in Europe after that.

♥ Goals and projects ♥
In order to work at Riot as an eSports player relations coordinator, I aim and decided to:
→ Gain perfect knowledge about Riot games company culture
→ Become lvl 30 summoner by the end of 2014 and gain even more knowledge of the game
→ Follow all competitions and analyze games and how the tournaments system works in order to identify problems and find solutions that I could suggest to Riot
→ Do weekly LoL eSports article translation: KR>ENG or ENG/FR to share more foreign content to the European community and also to improve my knowledge of LoL eSports scene and English/Korean skills
Prepare and do a speech in november about “South Korea’s video games and esports: their role in the Hallyu”: to know more about the impact that Korean video game culture has in the world.
→ Read Riot’s Linked In page every day and help people with their questions or ask questions myself xD
→ Find an european LoL community that I could join and help with my LoL eSports knowledge and other skills such as community manager, translator…

That’s basically what I have been doing for a month (except for the last one, I applied to join an eSports redaction team at Millenium but I still didn’t get any answer yet.)

Unfortunately, I received a mail from Riot yesterday night telling me that they had “decided to pursue other candidates at this time”. I cried so much after receiving this mail that I don’t think I can cry anymore xD. So it gave me even more motivation to keep doing what I was doing and to re-apply in 3-4 months, hoping that there will still be an open position and even if there isn’t, I will still send my application in for the role since it is really what I want to do.

But I also need to:
→revamp my resume, it was already a RIOT ONLY resume alert
→ rewrite entirely my cover letter

So that’s it for my first attempt and failure at joining Riot. I will continue puting a lot of efforts into this and I’m sure it’s going to pay! 🙂

If you have any suggestion, I will happily take them!


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