LoL Inven article translation (3) : Samsung Galaxy’s star players leaving

Sad news about a lot of very good players leaving Samsung Galaxy’s LoL division teams… Article translated from Inven. All the pictures were taken from the same page I’ve just linked.


삼성 갤럭시 LoL 게임단 주축 선수들이 연이어 팀을 탈퇴했다.
Key players from Samsung Galaxy LoL Division consecutively withdrew from the team.
1일 리그오브레전드 e스포츠의 한 축을 담당했던 삼성 갤럭시 선수들이 팀을 나온 것으로 보인다. 자정을 기점으로 삼성 갤럭시 화이트의 ‘임프’ 구승빈, ‘폰’ 허원석, ‘댄디’ 최인규와 삼성 갤럭시 블루의 ‘데프트’ 김혁규가 개인 SNS 계정을 통해 결별 소식을 알렸다.
On the first of november, it seems that the samsung galaxy players, who were in charge of … the esports LoL, are leaving. Starting from midnight, Samsung Galaxy White Koo “Imp” Seung Bin, Heo “PawN” Won Seok and Choi “Dandy” In Gyu, as well as Samsung Galaxy Blue Kim “Deft” Hyeok Gyu posted the news of their separation on their personal SNS accounts.


Hum… It’s now been 3 years that I stepped in this, I received and lost a lot. Haha. I received more though… I’d like to thank my team mates Dande, Won Seok, Hyeong Seok, Mata who, all this time since MVP white, guided the insufficient “me” on a skill or personal plan. I am speechless but leaving like this is a bit…? It’s not this, I am really depressed so I only drink alcohol~ It would be nice if everyone could be just fine.. I also want to say sorry to my fans and to people from Front T.T Thank you for taking good care of me, manager~
삼성 갤럭시 화이트의 원딜 ‘임프’ 구승빈은 프로게이머 활동을 했던 3년동안 얻은 것과 잃은 것이 많다는 내용과 함께 부족한 부분을 채워준 팀원들에게 고마움을 표현했다. 동시에 팬들과 삼성 사무국에게 미안한 마음을 드러냈다.
Koo “Imp” Seung Bin from SSW expressed his gratitude towards his team mates who helped him and also said that he had gained and lost a lot during his 3 years of progaming. At the same time, he gave his apologies to the secretariat of Samsung and to his fans.


Hi, this is PawN. It’s been around a year that I entered SSW and all this time was fun and I was lucky to be able to enter the team. I am thankful to all my teammates and I learned a lot about mid from Dade. I also wanted to thank all the coaches and it would be nice if everyone could be fine. Finally, I thank all the fans who always supported me and I will always work hard to go to China. Thank you.
곧이어 글을 게시한 ‘폰’ 허원석은 삼성 LoL 게임단에 입단하게 된 것은 행운이었으며 같은 팀원들과 코칭 스태프에게 감사함을 표했다. 또한, 중국에 가서도 항상 열심히 하겠다는 표현을 통해 해외 진출을 암시했다.
Soon after, Pawn expressed his gratitude towards his teammates and coaches and how lucky he was to have joined the SSW LoL team. He also hinted that he would be going abroad by saying that he will always work hard in order to go to China.


I don’t know what will become of our team who was like a family during those 3 years. Kkkkk A world where we’ll all go to a good place? It would be nice if I could still see you.
‘댄디’ 최인규 역시 삼성 갤럭시 소속으로 활동했던 시간과 팀원들과의 추억에 대해 언급함과 동시에 응원을 아끼지 않은 팬들에 대한 고마움을 표현했다. 또한 좋은 기회로 다시 찾아뵙겠다는 말을 통해 추후 은퇴가 아니라 선수 생활을 이어가겠다는 의지를 드러냈다.
Choi “Dandy” In Gyu speaks about his memories with his teammates and about the time they spent when they were in Samsung Galaxy. He also expressed his gratitude towards his fans who cheered for him. Also, while saying that he will look again for a good opportunity, he showed his willingness to continue his progamer life afterwards and not retire.


마지막으로 삼성 갤럭시 블루의 원딜인 ‘데프트’ 김혁규 역시 개인 SNS 글을 통해 팀과의 결별 소식을 알렸다. 김혁규는 팀원들과 코칭 스태프에 대한 고마움을 표현하면서 ‘폰’ 허원석과 마찬가지로 중국 진출에 대해 언급해 팬들의 이목을 집중시켰다.
Finally, SSB Kim “Deft” Hyeok Gyu informed us of his parting with the team through his personal SNS account. He expressed his thanks to his teammates and coachs and mentioned that he would also be going to China which caught the attention of his fans.
주축 멤버들의 대거 이탈이 발생한 삼성 갤럭시 LoL 게임단은 MVP 시절부터 꾸준히 강세를 이어왔으며 삼성 갤럭시 화이트와 블루 모두 롤챔스에서 우승을 경험하는 등 승승장구했다. 특히, 삼성 갤럭시 화이트는 리그오브레전드 월드 챔피언십 시즌4에서 뛰어난 경기력을 통해 우승을 차지하며 전성기를 달리고 있었기에 팬들의 아쉬움은 더욱 클 것으로 보인다

Samsung Galaxy’s LoL division, which separated from a large number of their star players,

New words :
게임단 :
주축 선수 : key players
연이어 = 계속해서 : consecutively
탈퇴하다 : withdraw from
축 :
담당하다 : be in charge of
자정 : midnight, self-purification
기점으로 : starting from
결별 : separate, split (up)
이쪽에 : This side, this
발을 들이다 : step in
얻다 : receive, have
실력적으로 : with skill
인격적으로 : with personality
부족하다 : to be insufficient
이끌어주다 : to lead
팀원 : team member
꾸벅 : bowing, nodding
불안하다 : to be anxious
챙겨주다 : to take care of (sb)
대리님 : assistant manager
원딜 :
채워주다 : to fill in
동시에 : at the same time
사무국 : secretariat
행운이다 : to be lucky,
응원해주다 : to give support , cheer
곧이어 : soon after
게시하다 : to post
입단하다 : join
진출 : entry
암시하다 : to suggest, hint
소속으로 :
언급함 : mention
동시에 : at the same time
응원 : cheers
추후 : later
대거 : in large number
이탈 : separation
발생하다 : to occur
시절 : season
꾸준히 : steadily, constantly
강세 : stress, accent ; strong feeling


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