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[ENG]Article 5: IM Interview

[시드 선발전] “올라갈 만했기 때문에 올라갔다” 기적 만든, IM 인터뷰

“Because it was worth going up, we went up”, miracle maker, IM interview

i1039638344Photo taken from Inven.

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[ENG]Article 4: SKT T1 receives victory ring for winning Worlds S3

Hey there everyone!

Here is my fourth translation from Inven LoL news website! I’ve been doing this for a month and I’m quite happy with what I’ve done, I feel like I’m learning a lot of vocavulary in Korean and in English too ! But most important, I’m getting more and more knowledge on the LoL eSports scene from Korea 🙂 So this week’s article is about the victory ring that SKT T1 received for winning Worlds last year 🙂

Picture from Inven.

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