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News ! Korean study on hiatus…. not anymore!

Hi gals and guys!

I’ve been off my blog for quite some time and I’m sorry… I had a huge Korean break this summer and I’m starting only now to get back on the rails, one month before school starts again… So this summer I wasn’t totally disconnected from Korean (I can’t really): I gave Korean class to a young girl! I’m happy to see that young people make a lot of effort to live their passion 🙂 Also, I was happy to share mine with her! Hopefully I’ll be continuing giving her class during school year too… Continue reading


About Special Order…

Special orders by


Did you know that also accepts special/personal orders too?

If you haven’t heard of it, today is the day you would get to know about our Special Order System. 🙂

1. What is Special Order?

– proudly introduce our “Special Order” service to our customers.

This is customized order for individual customer.

Things only available to purchase inside of South Korea can be yours!

We order goods on behalf of our customers and send them to their home/office.

2. What can I order via Special Order?

– Basically anything you want to buy from Korea.

* food, cosmetics are not available to ship outside of Korea due to quarantine issue.
** We only accept special orders on legal and official goods.

3. How can I place my order then?

  • Find the item.

We recommend you to visit online shopping malls of Korea through Google Chrome and use translation…

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