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한국어 연습1

Hey everyone !

Today I decided to do an audio blog talking a bit about everything I had in mind… I know it’s a bit slow but I’m trying to talk more fluently and it’s really hard… also I didn’t have any ideas of what to say xD Next time I should prepare a script haha ! If you have anything to correct in my pronounciation or other mistakes, please tell me 🙂

I know it’s been a while I didn’t post anything but I’m really busybusy xD Finals and TOPIK are here soon so I should prepare good for it ! 😀


Awesome TOPIK explanation videos !

Hi everyone!

Today I’ve found some awesome videos on youtube that explain everything about TOPIK (grammar, vocabulary, reading…) and everything is in Korean which I find really awesome!!! Here is the video that I’m actually watching (I found it so awesome that I had to pause it and come to share it with you xD) (Pour les Frenchies c’est en bas :D) Continue reading

나는 카레를 만들었다

여러분 안녕하세요!! (Sorry this post has been empty for hours because wordpress bugged and deleted all my content after I published it O_O So I’ll have to rewrite everything in Korean again because I’m so stupid that I didn’t save my text in a word file before TT^TT)

나는 시간이 좀 있어서 한국말로 쓸 거예요! 어제 저녁에 나는 카레라는 음식을 만들었어요. 카레는 쉽게 만들 수 있고 정말 맜있어요 ! 사진 좀 보여 줄게요 ! Continue reading